Septic Emptying

Septic Emptying Knoxville

Aside from septic tank installation and repair, Knoxville Septic Pros are also experts with other septic services, such as excavation for the ground type septic tank, footers and backhoe works for commercial customers. These are very important for your septic system and to neglect any of the following would be problematic for your home’s sewage system.

In order to build a proper septic tank, an excavation is needed to build a hole in the ground where the septic tank will be placed. And the bigger the excavation, then the better it is to use a backhoe machine for the digging. If you don’t excavate a hole that is just about right for the septic tank that you’re planning on using, then there’s a tendency for the tank to break down quickly over the years. But before you can start on excavating, you need to get a permit first.

Go to your city hall and learn the regulations about your tank; things like how far away from the house it has to be, how far from your neighbor’s property or what material it’s made from. This will vary depending on how many people are in the home, so be sure to tell them this information immediately. There’ll also be regulations concerning the size of the field. These depend on the size of your tank. Ask these questions and be sure to get all other necessary information. After this, you’ll get your permit.

Once this is all done, display your permit publicly. You might need a surveyor to measure where your tank should go. Otherwise, you can do it yourself. But once all the necessary steps have taken place, you can begin digging. Digging a massive hole is hard work, and it’s potentially hazardous. You’ll need either a backhoe, a professional, or an iron will! But in all seriousness, there could be wires underneath so be very careful.

If you’re not confident of handling all the necessary preparation mentioned above, then you don’t have to do so. Simply give us a call at Knoxville Septic Pros. Our contact number is (865) 205-1545.

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